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The Information contained in this Website (www.dmrcsmartcard.in) has been prepared solely for the purpose of providing information about Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) i.e. only for general information. The contents of the website in any way, do not constitute advice and are not in any way binding on DMRC.

About DMRC

The concept of a mass rapid transit for New Delhi first emerged from a traffic and travel characteristics study which was carried out in the city in 1969. 11 Over the next several years, May official committees by a variety of government departments were commissioned to examine issues related to technology, route alignment and governmental jurisdiction. 12 In 1984, the Delhi Development Authority and the Urban Arts Commission came up with a proposal for developing a multi-modal transport system, which would consist of constructing three underground mass rapid transit corridors and well augmenting the city’s exiting suburban railway and road transport networks.


While extensive technical studies and the raising of finance for the project were in progress, the city expanded significantly resulting in a twofold rise in population and a fivefold rise in the number of vehicles between 1981 and 1998. 13 Consequently, traffic congestion and pollution soared, as an increasing number of commuters took to private vehicles with the existing bus system unable to bear the load. 11 An attempt at privatizing the bus transport system in 1992 merely compounded the problem, with inexperienced operators plying poorly maintained, noisy and polluting buses on lengthy routes, resulting in long waiting times, unreliable service, extreme overcrowding, unqualified drivers, speeding and reckless driving. 14 To rectify the situation, the Government of India and the Government of Delhi Jointly set up a Company called the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) on March 5, 1995 with E. Sreedharan as the Managing Director. Dr. E Sreedharan handed over charge as MD, DMRC to Shri Mangu Singh on 31st December 2011.

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